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IRISH ROVER AND THE CREW® was founded in 2005. by Irish Rover - Rover MacChroi, as Frontman, Lead Singer & Lyricist, inspired by an Irish trad. song and core essential expression of the Irish Music & Culture, with an intention to gather the genuine Irish backing band - The Crew and bring to life the ultimate of Irish punk rock performance - music with essence, attitude and furious devotion, with no compromise ! Sadly, beeing far away from Ireland in terms of geography, but so much more in terms of civilzation, freedom, culture
and human rights - in of the darkest Earth's corners, 3rd world's chains
of the serbian system, the overall success of the story as well as the
Crew gathering was doomed from the very starts. In 2008. Irish Rover
begins solo guitar work, recording, as a solo artist, singer and guitar
player, but the the grim reality of the 3rd world as the ultimately
wrong place remains. Beeing victimized by geography, denied human rights and emmigration, Irish Rover is still waiting freedom and move home towards Republic of Ireland. Still performing and writing music, with faith in the grand dream of Irish Rover And The Crew, with faith in freedom, life, essence, attitude and furious devotion. With the only hope that freedom for this Paddy in chains
won't come too late.